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Value Management Practice (1997) by Michel Thiry Click here for details
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Project managers will enjoy learning more about "value" and "customer" in this breakthrough book. Putting value and customer needs at the center of a project management effort is a key point in the book, and Thiry's well-written Value Management Practice clearly explains how to make it happen. Thiry begins with a short history of value management [starting with] value engineering [which was developed] to produce top-quality products at reduced cost. By century's end, the field had broadened to become value management [...]. This valuable book outlines the scope of practice from which you can learn the principles, concepts, tools, and techniques to create value-added project management. Value integration in project management will enhance your communications and team spirit, increase your knowledge of the project to facilitate decision-making, lead to optimum overall performance with fewer resources, and generally improve your projects and your organization.

Program Management (2010) by Michel Thiry Click here fo details
Many organizations still don’t understand how to integrate their business practices. This is especially true of the end-to-end process necessary to implement strategic decisions, realise benefits and, ultimately, create value. This is what Program Management does and what this book is about. This book, aims to demonstrate that sound program management practice can help link strategic decisions with business benefits and create value in organizations. Strategic managers often lack the expertise, skills and/or means to make their strategies concrete to deliver the expected benefits. Project managers lack the proficiency and/or capability to understand or question strategic language and are often not aware of expected benefits. Operational managers understand the benefits they need, but often have difficulty expressing them in strategic terms or understand the implications of their implementation. Program management helps translate strategic objectives in concrete measurable benefits and outcomes, takes a systemic view of the management of projects and other activities to achieve the required outputs and ensures integration into the business to realise value.

Heart of Influence (2004) by Juergen Oschadleus Click here fo details
Life is about people. It’s about communication and relationship. It’s about influencing and being influenced. This book addresses how individuals can live lives of influence, centred on the cornerstones of persuasion identified by Aristotle over 2,300 years ago: ethos, pathos and logos – character, passion and logic. The author examines character and integrity as the foundation of sustainable influence, and the power of relationship in building trust. He outlines the need for self-understanding in order to appreciate and build on the differences in others. The book also provides a detailed look at identifying stakeholders, mapping out their needs and then managing their expectations in an on-going basis.

Online Education – Under Development

Due to increasing demand, Valense is currently developing project management courses that will be offered online. We should make them available from September 2010.


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