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We offer courses that are approved by leading professional associations and lead to certification in known disciplines. When clients voice particular needs we perform a 'training needs analysis' to ensure maximum knowledge acquisition and training transfer. Courses are not seen as isolated events but as part of a learning process in which both trainers and trainees are mutually involved.

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Valense generally provides three types of services :

  Develop and deliver academic courses at Graduate level
  Develop and deliver practitioner courses or seminars
  Conduct seminars with executives and managers

We have delivered courses and seminars in many industries including

Transportation (Air and Rail), Financial (Banking), Healthcare, Construction, IT and IS, Pharmaceutical (Facilities Management and Research), Telecom, Water Treatment, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Defence, Product Development, Professional Associations, Local Government and Others.

We deliver education in a number of project related disciplines, like

Organizational Management, Programme and Portfolio Management, Project Management, Value Management, Decision-Making, specialist project software, Leadership and Decision Making, Management Consulting, maturity assessment, Communication, as well as all the specific knowledge areas of projects.

Core Professional Offering

We offer education in a range of media :

  Classroom Courses

We offer a range of courses and seminars at different levels :

Executive Level (1-2 day Seminars)

  Project-Based Organizations (PBO)
  PBO Governance
  Strategic Value Management (Strategy Development)
  Leading Change

Senior Level (2-3 day Seminars)

  Portfolio Management
  Microsoft Office Project Server ® & Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server ®
  Program Management (3 or 5 days)
  Strategic Value Management
  Change Management
  Organizational Maturity (OPM3 Fundamentals)
  Soft Skills (Leadership, Decision-Making, Communication, Influence, others)

Project Level (3-5 day Courses)

  Program Management Fundamentals
  CAPM® & PMP ® Certification Seminars
  PMP ® Maintenance (PMBOK ® Knowledge Areas)
  Project Context and Integration
  Value Management Foundation
  Adaptive Project Leadership Simulation
  Microsoft Office Project ® (beginners to advanced)
  Applied Project Management (Software/IT, Construction,others)

Team Level (1-3 day Courses)

  Project Management Awareness
  Value Management Introduction

General (Available at all levels)

  Change Management
  Leadership and Decision-Making
  Professional Development and Identity
  Communication and Influencing Skills
  Management Consulting

Core Professional Education Offering (PMI ® Registered Courses):

Project-Based Organizations

Program Management Fundamentals (2094-PGM032)
This seminar takes a step-by-step approach of program management from the strategic view to the winding down and assignment of responsibility for ultimate benefits delivery.
(2-days; 15 PDUs)

Program Management Foundation (2094-PGM033)
The seminar provides participants with tools and techniques to deal with complex, strategic change and develops knowledge of particular techniques required for managing programs. It reviews the major PgM Standards and helps prepare for the PgMP ®.
Good choice for your annual PDU requirements.
(3-days; 23 PDUs)

Program Management Practitioner (2094-PGM025)
Supported by the most recent developments in program management and standards, this course is a wide-ranging journey into the territories linking strategies and projects.
Good preparation for PgMP ® Credential.
(5-days; 35 PDUs)

The Project-Based Organization: Delivering Value to the Business (2094-PBO032)
Taking an organizational view, this seminar aims to define and create synergy between project, program, portfolio and PMO management. PMI SeminarsWorld.
(2-days; 15 PDUs)

Enterprise-Wide Program Management Simulation
This interactive workshop features a multiple project computer-based simulation with a focus on strategy, programs, collaboration, culture and business acumen skills.
(4 to 5 days)

Portfolio Management: Managing the Organization’s Investment Portfolio (2094-PFM032)
This seminar discusses the coordination of the whole organization’s portfolio; how to analyse the organization’s strategy, how to prioritise activities to create sustainable value, how to allocate and prioritize resources so that they can deliver the expected benefits and how to monitor value realization.
(2-days; 15 PDUs)

Project Management

Project Management Awareness: The PMI ® Framework (2094-PM0013)
A 3-day introduction to project management for participants interested in understanding project management and its use.
This is the 21-hour compulsory course required for CAPM ® certification.
(3-days; 21 PDUs)

Project Management Fundamentals: The PMI ® Framework (2094-PM0015)
A 5-day project management foundation course for participants interested in understanding the PMI ® approach to project management and its use.
This is the 35-hour compulsory PM Course required for PMP ® certification
(5-days; 35 PDUs)

PMP ® Exam Preparation Seminar (2094-PM0003)
An intense preparation for the PMI ® 's CAPM ® and PMP ® Certification Examination.   Attendance to the "Project Management Fundamentals" is strongly recommended prior to this Seminar.
(2-3 Days)

Project Context and Integration: Delivering Value to the Business (2094-PM0033)
This seminar is for an intermediate audience.   Its purpose is to make project managers aware of how they can, through their projects, deliver value to the business and stakeholders.
First choice for your annual PDU requirements.
(3-days; 21 PDUs)

Project Leadership
This team and project leadership skills workshop features a computer-based simulation of real life team situations. A good way to increase your knowledge acquisition through practical exercises
(3 to 5 days)

Adaptive Project Leadership
This advanced leadership, program management and team leadership skills workshop is a good follow up of the Project Leadership, featuring complex computer-based simulations. Ideal for experienced project managers
(3 to 5 days)

PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas Suite of Courses


Framework & Integration Mgmt
Scope & Quality Mgmt
Time Management
Cost Management
Risk Management
Team Management
Procurement Management

Knowledge Area covered

Integration Management
Scope Management; Quality Management
Time Management
Cost Management
Risk Management
Human Resources & Communications Mgmt
Procurement Management


3 days
2 days
2 days
2 days
2 days
2 days
2 days





Value Management

Value Management: A Group Process to achieve stakeholders' needs and expectations in the most resources-effective ways (2094-VM0012)
An introductory seminar to VM within a program/project context.
(2-day; 15 PDUs)

Value Management Foundation (2094-VM0013)
This seminar helps project managers and other business stakeholders to understand the concept of value and how to deliver it consistently. First course of a series leading to European Certification in VM.
Good choice for your annual PDU requirements
(3-days; 21 PDUs)

Value Management Advanced (2094-VM0023 and 2094-VM0033)
Advanced course for those interested in achieving Professional in Value Management (PVM) certification.
(2x3 or 6-days)

Note: there needs to be an experience gap between Foundation and Advanced, and Certification can only be obtained following proof of experience. Both courses are accredited by the IVM under the European Training and Certification System rules.  

Soft Skills

Project Leadership Skills
This seminar aims to make each participant discover their own leadership style within a project and program environment. It will review differences between diverse contexts and enable participants to examine various leadership styles (2-days)

Decision-Making in Projects and Programs
This seminar will review decision-making concepts and pratices and link them to the project and program contexts. Participants will understand which processes are most appropriate for each environment (2-days)

Professional Development and Identity
Recently a number of developments have challenged the project manager's traditional identity. This seminar will examine with the participants how to react to these new challenges and how they can develop a new identity in face of these challenges (2-days)

Communicate with Influence Developing Trust-Based Communications (2094-SOF013)
This seminar enables you to identify communication and influence preferences and learn to adapt your communication and influence style to that of your audience. We also teach you to plan influence campaigns within the Influence Equity Model(TM) (3-days)

Management Consulting (2094-MCP013)
This program delivers core tools and techniques needed by project and program managers to become effective management consultants. You will learn how to sell and deliver consultancy services and apply many consultancy tools and techniques (3-days)

All numbered courses are accredited by PMI as part of their Registered Education Provider System and are subjected to Professional Development Units.

The Value Management courses are part of the European Training and Certification System leading to certification in Value Management.

Leadership and Decision-Making in Project-Based Organizations (2094-LDM012)
This seminar will improve participants’ ability to fully contribute to their organization’s governance process by taking the responsibilities and shouldering the accountability expected from them. It will help them deliver significant benefits and outcomes and improve their stakeholder relationship management. (2-day)

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