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We assist our clients to explore and choose their own options, rather than offering them predetermined solutions.   We rely on a mix of multi-disciplinary expertise, coaching and group facilitation to attain long lasting, high value results. We help clients set up learning environments that increase their competitive advantage.

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Valense generally provides two types of services :

a) Long-term consultancy interventions to support organisational change;
b) Short/medium-term support for strategy development or specialist support.

We have worked in many industries including

Transportation (Air and Rail), Financial (Banking), Healthcare, Construction, IT and IS, Pharmaceutical (Facilities Management and Research), Telecom, Water Treatment, Local Government and Others.

We have experience in a number of related disciplines, such as:

Value Management, Risk Management, Decision-Making, Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Governance, Programme and Portfolio Management, Communication, as well as all the knowledge areas of project management.

We offer consultancy services in the following domains :

  Project-Based Organizations
  Organizational Change
  PMO Deployment
  Value Management
  Strategic Decision Management
  Program/Portfolio Development and Implementation
  Project and Program Management Competencies
  Coaching and Development
  Knowledge Management
  Simulation Development

Project-Based Organizations / Organizational Change

  Development and implementation of new culture and structures
  Planning and management of transition program
  Coaching of leadership team and change agents

Specific Areas of focus:

  Governance Structures
 Culture and Communication
 Portfolio Management
•  Program(me) Management
  Project Management

Recent case study - Australia: Development of Project-Based Organization for the Technology-Operations Department of a major financial institution.

This nine month program required the development of the structures and culture to support an in depth transformation process. We worked directly with the Department Head and regularly met with the leadership team to identify their needs and coach them. We also mentored the program team to develop tailored Governance, Program and Portfolio methodologies based on the theories we had developed through research.

PMO Deployment

  Needs analysis and recommendations for implementation
  Implementation of corporate and departmental entities

Recent case study - Persian Gulf: Needs analysis for the set-up of a corporate PMO for International Holding.

This was a three month study, incorporating meetings with senior management of a number of companies from the holding, including Leisure, Real Estate, Technology, Hospitality, Healthcare and others. Our report recommended the establishment of distinct PMOs in each of five entities within a common governance framework. It focused on functions rather than tools and metrics. We also produced an implementation plan for each.

Value Management / Strategic Decision Management

  Facilitated workshops with leadership teams
  Development of vision, mission and values
  Identification of specific strategic objectives

Recent case study - France: Development of a strategy for a Public Works Program for a Regional Government.

Prior to this mandate, we have helped them develop a strategy for the allocation of subsidies to small and medium enterprises that were creating competitive multi-industry joint ventures. Both these mandates were conducted as a series of coordinated workshops with up to 25 business actors at a time.

Program/Portfolio Development and Implementation

  Support in formulation of portfolio and/or program and link to strategy
  Set up of organization and prioritization-pacing of projects
  Ongoing support during deployment

Recent case study - Europe: Strategic Program support for European Air Traffic Management organization

Over a period of two years, we have mentored a multinational program team, delivered training and facilitated workshops to structure the program, develop processes and procedures and unify the team. In particular, we have supported stakeholders' management, program integration, communications & marketing and integrated all the activities of the projects at programme level.

Other Consulting Areas


We strongly believe that communication is a key aspect of current organizational management. Our partners have developed a robust expertise in this domain and have many satisfied clients to prove it. We typically work at both individual and team levels in parallel to reinforce the communication channels within team and departments.

Coaching and Development

We provide ongoing structuring and support to groups or individuals during the implementation of change. We also help enhance growth and development through facilitation or coaching. Specifically, we help participants make sense, develop trust and motivation and increase communication.

Knowledge Management

Through collaborative team development we install knowledge sharing communities within our clients' organizations to develop novel ideas and concepts. The Valense Community fosters the emergence of innovative and improvement ideas as well as their management into specific progress actions that are shared with our clients.


Our partners and associates regularly publish and present in international forums and conduct applied empirical and theoretical research, which is used to support our services.   We offer seminars, guidance and coaching services to organizations and individuals wishing to develop these skills.

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