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In addition to regular consultancy mandates; over the years, Valense and its Partners have been involved in a number of significant consultancy mandates. Below are the most notable ones.

Large IT Program Coaching

A large Chemical-Industrial Corporation had undertaken a major (€200M) worldwide change program to integrate and optimize its IT workplace systems. The program was headed by the CIO Office in Germany and its objectives were to increase the group’s performance and agility. Valense were hired as consultants to coach the program managers and the program team, over a period of 6 months, through the formulation and organization stage of the program by helping them define the strategic objectives and critical success factors of the program and helping them prepare its business case. The resulting business case was approved by the Board.

Transformation into Project-Based Organization

For a period of nine months, Valense was hired by the Director General of the Technology and Operations department of a major Australian Bank to help the leadership team through a transformation from traditional to project-based organization. We were directly involved in developing many of the processes and procedures in portfolio, program, governance and business case development. We facilitated many meetings with the leadership team, change agents, cross organizational teams and the people given responsibility for the transition. When this mandate finished, portfolio, business case, governance and program processes and their supporting systems were in place and ready to be rolled out.

Training and transformation programs over 10 years

Valense or its partners worked with the European Air Traffic Management Body, for a period of almost 10 years during which the organization undertook a major change going from traditional public service to project-based organization. During that period our partners were involved in training needs analysis as well as development and delivery of training. Later we led the research and development department through a restructuring of its project processes conducting a series of multilevel workshops that resulted in a consistent cradle to grave project management process. Finally, we were involved for three years in the coaching of a major program’s team to help them clarify their objectives and structure their working systems and procedures, which resulted in this program having its full budget accepted two years in line.

Strategy Development for organization-wide transformation program

From 1997 to 2000 Valense partners were involved in many transformation programs with a multinational pharmaceutical corporation in their UK Headquarters in Sandwich. In particular we led the development of a coordinated strategy for an organization-wide transformation program that included construction, recruitment, work redesign, IT and relocation projects. Our role was to facilitate the formulation of the strategy between the directors and the people who were going to execute the projects. We were also tasked with presenting the agreed strategic objectives and deployment strategy to the board of Directors for final approval.

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